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Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Trans Envy) is a strain developed by Spores Lab, a spore dealer on Vancouver Island. According to the narrative, two rye grain bags were mixed up, one of which was colonized with the South African Transkei strain and the other with the Penis Envy strain.

These two bags were combined in one fruiting tray, resulting in a hybrid strain that was then extensively isolated to establish new genetics that exhibited characteristics of both psilocybin mushrooms.

Because of its genetics, this strain is known to have a high above-average psilocybin level. When compared to the ordinary strain, it is slow to grow and tough to fruit. Although the Transkei and Penis Envy are both premium strains with significant potency, we do not recommend them for beginners.

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When two “mother strains” are united in the same fruiting tray, a new strain is formed. Each strain’s haploid mycelium unites to generate new diploid mycelial threads. These threads contain DNA from both “parent” strains.

Spores Lab is credited with developing the Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms and is most likely responsible for its commercialization. Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms is similar to both Penis Envy and South African Transkei.

Although the mushrooms do not have the famed phallic shape of Penis Envy, they do have thick white stems. The Transkei genetic side of the strain produces larger fruiting bodies and wider crowns.

Trans Envy shrooms retain the vibrating and stimulating feeling of Transkei, as well as the colorful sights and powerful euphoria of Penis Envy.

Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms, like Penis Envy, is a light sporulator, which makes collecting spores for future grows more difficult, but also means you’ll wind up with less of a mess if you don’t harvest your shrooms quickly enough.

The huge super-potent fruiting bodies produced by Trans Envy are gaining popularity. It’s contamination-resistant, colonizes quickly, can grow in unfavorable conditions, and can produce multiple dense flushes before succumbing to mold growth.

Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms is an intriguing, incredibly potent strain that is great for the novice cultivator searching for something significantly more potent than the norm.

In this post, we’ll go into the strain’s characteristics, history, and potency in further depth. We’ll also look at where to buy Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms spores and how to culture the strain.


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