Albino Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms


  • Originated in Florida’s warm, tropical Treasure Coast
  • Small white or light brown mushrooms with long, thin stems
  • Potent high with a euphoric, creative, and relaxing experience
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Albino Treasure Coast mushrooms are a strain named after their growth on the warm, tropical Treasure Coast in Florida. The impressively potent mushrooms are related to the popular Treasure Coast mushrooms psilocybe cubensis strain, although these have much stronger effects, and have a much lighter albino white colour. The mushrooms grow naturally in the wild, but can be reproduced organically for at-home growers.

Physical Properties
Albino Treasure Coast mushrooms range from light brown to completely white with stems that tend to be on the thinner side, although you’ll find ones with thicker stems as well. They’re known for producing large yields and growing in tight, thick groups, which is one you’ll find many pieces that could be still stuck together at their base. They have a classic mushroom flavour and aroma, with a taste that is somewhat earthy and somewhat starchy with an aroma to match.

Albino Treasure Coast is a strain with high, potent amounts of psilocybin, meaning that its high is intense and long-lasting. Experienced mushroom users will enjoy the quick, intense psychedelic high upon first consumption. Users will notice a strong, euphoric mood boost followed by some changes in visuals, including colour and shape. As the high continues, it settles into a relaxing, creative experience that helps you feel more connected to art, the earth, and those around you.

SIZE Small to medium
CAP White to light brown colour
STEM Thin to medium thickness, and medium to long length

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